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    Antalya is a city where the sea, sun, history and nature commune in harmony. Ancient cities, the sea, sun, beach, forest... all are parts of this integrity.

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    Hosted dozens of civilizations throughout history, carries and preserves the traces of these civilizations and presents these traces to its visitors in a perfect geography, Antalya has dozens of heritages to see!



    Touch the majestic mountains, golden sands meeting the turquoise sea, curving streams which are cold like ice even in hot weather!



    Taste the fruits grown in the fertile lands of Antalya, the foods shaped by the culture of the city, and the desserts that will cool you on hot Antalya days!



    Smell the orange flowers that surround the city in spring, the calico flowers and the healing air of Antalya caves!



    Listen to stories from the past, thousands of years of legends, and the unique sounds of Antalya waterfalls!

    10 vibes for Antalya

    like locals

    The list you will make to fully explore Antalya will probably contain more than 10 items. These 10 are a selection made from dozens of options, you can add and subtract as you wish!



    Antalya is a paradise for trekking with its unique beaches, great mountains, and virgin forests. It is very possible to create your own route all over the city.

    48 hours

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    48 hours is a noticeably short time to fully explore Antalya. But let us try how we can fit your trip to Antalya in two days!